Truckload / TL Freight

Truckload / TL Freight

Truckload or TL freight is typically used for shipments over 10,000 pounds. This weight can fill an entire truckload freight container. Unlike less-than-truckload or LTL freight shipping, truckload freight shipping travels directly to the final destination; the freight shipment is not transferred from one truck to another.

Truckload Freight Advantages

If your shipment is large enough to fill an entire truckload freight container and the whole shipment is picked up from a single place and delivered to a single place then shipping by TL freight can be much less expensive than LTL freight shipping. Truckload freight shipping offers several other advantages as well:

Since they don’t use a hub system shipments are faster
Lower risk of damage because there is less handling of the freight
Charges based on mileage which is less expensive than by weight

Questions to ask when deciding to use TL Freight Shipping

Does my shipment weigh less than 10,000 lbs?

Is someone available to load and unload the shipment?

Is there one pickup and one delivery point?

Will my freight shipment fill an entire truck container?